from our amazing clients

Over 200,000 successful treatments performed and here is what a couple happy customers have to say.

This is where you need to go instead of the pharmacy aisle!! They were able to rid my entire family with just one treatment! It was much easier and cheaper than purchasing the OTC remedies that don’t work anymore ! Thank you we are uku free now because of you guys!!

Juliana G.

This clinic is clean and convenient. The owner is informative and helps you and your family out of unpleasant situation quickly and with an affordable solution. Maui is lucky to have this business on-island.

Jen T.

They were able to take me same-day and rid me of those pesky lice! Very friendly as well.

Dani S.

Wonderful- friendly- informative- thorough- and worth EVERY CENT! The ladies that helped our family at Lice Clinics Hawai’i in Kihei are seriously life savers! They were closed for the day, but called me after hours on their own time then had us come in 1st thing the next day-which was a holiday! Seriously couldn’t recommend these amazing women & the product that they use more! I pray to God that we never need to battle with Lice again, BUT if we do- I’m calling Lice Clinics Hawai’i! 

Cherish A.

Very kind and helpful staff! It was a relief to know there’s a place to go and have someone there to help you get through the process correctly & efficiently!

Nikki O.

I found eggs on my daughters head at 5:00pm and the owner so kindly re-opened her shop for us!  I was so impressed with the service.  WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!  The last time my little one had lice we tried everything and I missed many days of work with her being sent home.  This time, Lice Clinics of America – Hawaii took care or it in an hour.  I highly, highly recommend this service!!

Debbie B.

We were very happy with the service we received from the new lice clinic in Maui. Their promptness and professional were absolutely top  notch. Their facility was extremely clean and we went away feeling that we had solved our lice problem.

Bob F.

They were very friendly and knowledgeable. Our experience with the clinic was great! We are so happy we went instead of trying the over-the-counter products. I would recommend them to everyone.

Jaime C.

Fast, friendly and very thorough service!! Got my head inspection done just in case and no ukus!!

Tsancyi L.

We had ukus for 14 weeks, and at that point we were willing to spend the money to get them rid of them. I myself am a nurse and full time mother. There are not many opportunities that I can get checked. I got my kids checked x 3, while our sitter, and I got the treatment with their FDA approved device. Next, we also had a thorough comb through. Nothing worked to get rid of the ukus until I came to the Lice Clinics of America. I am so thankful this service is now on Maui. I can now rest easily that there is a discrete, supportive place to get rid of ukus once and for all. The products they sell are also above all the rest. As you may have heard there are “Super Lice” that have become resistant to the conventional products at the store. They are overpriced and don’t work. They have products here that are natural, get rid of the lice for good, and are within a reasonable price. Try them, you will not be disapointed.

Nova B.

They are super! I had a great experience and I had peace of mind knowing they were thorough and efficient. I’m so grateful for them.

Kathryn J.

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